Roses were just flower to me until I met you,

Red is just a myth, so I gave you blue.

Then came the day when I kept my fear at bay,

Because it was my chance to share my feelings with you.

Sweet as chocolate, you gave me a reason to stay,

To be compassionate, and never go astray.

I’ve never been serious, I don’t know if I’ll ever be,

But I’ll always be there for you as an adorable teddy.

I can embody the pink,

But I promise you always to be the one you fell in love with.

If someday, words fail to negotiate,

Allow me to hug you and let our body ingratiate.

Caressing our lips, let’s call it a kiss,

Let us take our relationship to its peak.

I trust you, I’ve faith in you, and I accept you as mine,

Now and evermore, I want to be your Valentine.